Are you ready to Take Responsibility for Peace with Justice and an End to Violence?

Nobody knows, nobody knows exactly what is going on in Nepal. What many, many people really do know is that they want peace, peace with justice, peace for all, justice for all, an end to violence.

But how, can the cycle of violence be resolved?

It has to be helped by these 'many' demonstrating their passionate belief in the power of peace with justice. Demonstrating together, as the overwhelming majority of the nation, that their strength is in their togetherness, is in the logic of their, the belief that violence, for whatever reason, is not, and, and can not be, the ultimate solution to any problem; that violence to combat violence can only escalate the violence; that darkness on darkness does not bring light.

There is fear in the air, in the forests, the terraces, the mountains, the cities. This fear is not only the fear of being caught in the middle of the fighting parties. But there is the fear of being misunderstood by 'the others', by society, of somehow being thought to be 'taking sides', if seen taking positive action to demonstrate rejection of the violence and a desire for peace.

Nepal and all of us are in a time of great need, and we have to forget ourselves, act fearlessly in spite of our fears. We have to be fearless enough to take action, but take action together. We are 'the people', poor, rich, educated, uneducated, from the Himal to the Tarai, from the far west to the east, from all ethnic groups, all religions. WE have to work together to gain enough courage and strength to show our belief in peace with justice. WE are connected with no political group. WE are connected together only by our demand for peace with justice. WE need to show that WE, not the perpetrators of violence, are the soul of Nepal.

So what can we do?

Shanti-Shanti Sangha is a local circle of a growing global community, United Religions Initiative that is dedicated to promoting interfaith cooperation and peace. It seeks also to create cultures of peace and justice.

At this difficult time, it is committed to peaceful action in resolving Nepal's problems. Towards this, it has decided to take action to help unite the majority of the nation seeking a peaceful resolution. It therefore requests you to follow this column in the newspapers and on the website and respond to the varied suggestions it will be making.

Coming columns will invite you to:

  • Write a song on peace and justice
  • Dialogue on dissolving corruption
  • Join a radio discussion on justice without violence
  • Draw and paint a picture of a better Nepal
  • Write to your would-be leaders
  • march for peace with like-minded colleagues
  • Join our network of voices for peace and justice

Send creative ideas and/or comments to

If you would like to join the network or also participate with Shanti-Shanti Sangha at its preparation please contact