About Trekking in Nepal
Why Trek in Nepal?
What Is a Trek
Types of Trek
    Teahouse Treks
    Self Arranged Treks
    Fully Equipped Treks
Using a Trek Operator
When to Trek in Nepal
    Temperature Chart

Which Trek?
Choosing a Trek
    By Region
        Everest Region
        Annapurna Region
        Central Nepal
        Eastern Nepal
        Western Nepal
    By Length of Trek
    By Maximum Altitude
    Restricted Area Treks

Preparing for a Trek
Getting to Nepal
    Nepal Consulates
    Other Documents
    Trekking Permits
    Park Entrance Fees
Physical Conditioning
Clothing & Equipment
Medical Considerations
    Medical Supplies
    Food and water
Suggested Reading

In Nepal
When you get to Nepal
    Kathmandu Airport
    Meeting your agent
    Flight Reconfirmation
    Flight Delays

On the Trek
Cultural Considerations
Have a Great Trek